Other Brother Beer Co. is soon to be a brewery and taproom in Seaside, California.
We have assembled a team of dreamers, thinkers, makers, artists, activists, parents, skateboarders, funny guys,
and other individuals who crave to make the world a better place through the magic of beer. We believe in the power of bringing
people together, we know the value of doing things right, and we sincerely hope that you'll join us soon for a pint In the mean time check out all the progress in the gallery below!

The Team

Kevin Brown has honed his craft in some of the most highly-regarded breweries in the state of California that begin with the letter A. Kevin got his start at Alpine Beer Company and has spent the few years working at Alvarado Street Brewery. Probably the kindest person you will ever have the pleasure to meet, Kevin moved from San Diego to Carmel Valley to pursue an opportunity that we hope to share with you all very soon. Kevin's enthusiasm for hard work, commitment to quality, creativity, and respect for the craft all translate to some damn fine beer, brewed with love for your enjoyment.

Andy Pitts, a person who can spin some plates, is an illustrator, graphic designer and animal lover. During the week you can find him working full-time as “Mispelling Art director” at Deluxe Distribution, home of Spitfire wheels, Real skateboards, Anti-Hero, Krooked, Venture Trucks… Andy has his hands in many of the brands that us skateboarders admire and we are thankful to have him on board!

Evan Loewy is a photographer, animal lover and purveyor of California EVOO. He started Other Brother EVOO in 2011 with the sole intention of making #goodgoods. His finely tuned good food RADAR, his open heart, and his uncanny ability to motivate his friends make him the ultimate road trip captain. Other Brother is Evan's love letter to living the good life through sharing experiences over food, art, hard work, and of course now, beer.

Michael Nevares, the Rad-Dad of the bunch, left the Air Force after ten years in order to try his luck in the beer world after going way too deep down the home brewing rabbit hole. Michael has spent the last three years of googling "how to open a brewery", reading books, making a nuisance of himself to local business owners, going to school, and never giving up on his dream.